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As organisations look to optimise their energy savings, to save money and meet carbon emission targets, visibility of facilities performance has become essential. Similarly, energy providers also need to become more efficient by better tracking and understanding their energy generation and transmission. Delivering to both requirements, there are now a wide range of solutions available. Incorporating intelligent application controllers, I/O devices, and centralised Energy Reporting Systems, these solutions require end to end connectivity that enables the transmission of data for effective monitoring and management – cellular provides a flexible, scalable, secure and cost effective solution.


Intelligent Street Lighting

Intelligent street lighting is one of the leading initiatives to make cities smarter and more efficient. Controlled by intelligent lighting controllers, and using I/O devices to monitor street light usage requirements, these solutions need to be remotely managed and monitored to make them cost effective. Able to be deployed anywhere, 3G/4G connectivity enables remote changes to lighting strategies, along with other important monitoring and management capabilities.


Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)

BEMS and HVAC systems monitor a wide range of environmental factors within a building, and effect changes depending on the feedback from these devices – be this temperature, parking, boiler pressure or so on. The data generated needs to be transmitted to central Energy Reporting Systems. Cellular can provide the flexible, end to end connectivity required to achieve this, enabling businesses to be more energy efficient, report on how well their energy is managed, and monitor and provide evidence that their commercial buildings are fit for purpose.

Typically these systems are also installed and managed by a third party facilities management company responsible for monitoring multiple, geographically distributed customer estates from a central location – making remote management and monitoring essential, including the ability to configure the system. 3G/4G is the answer to this.


Energy Generation

Energy companies need to monitor how much energy is being generated across their sites, as well as when it is being generated. For example solar panels in multiple locations will generate different amounts of energy at different times; by tracking this, companies gain a better idea of which circumstances promote higher energy levels and can then replicate these across other sites.

By tracking generation rates, companies can also implement preventative maintenance; if a panel’s production rate suddenly drops, this indicates there may be an issue and this can then be dealt with quickly.

Widely distributed energy estates rely on remote monitoring and management capabilities to achieve this – 3G/4G networking solutions can provide the connectivity required.


Energy Transmission

Liquid and gas energy providers need to track their transmission network to ensure no energy is lost along the way, for example via a leak, and there are no faults with the service. By monitoring levels at different points in the journey, energy companies can pinpoint any potential issues where a drop in level is seen. Cellular provides the connectivity necessary to enable such a solution across multiple remote locations.


Demand Response

Companies providing demand response services which monitor power station levels and offset these against end customer energy demands, need end to end connectivity to transmit the necessary data between the three parties and to effect the necessary changes to shed load off the grid. Cellular networking offers the level of flexibility and scalability required to enable this, while also creating a dedicated network run by the central service company – keeping the energy provider and end customer networks separate and secure.


In-Vehicle Networking for Utility Fleets

Extending the enterprise network to the road is essential for utility companies today. Providing access to centralised systems while on-the-road helps to streamline workflows and improve customer service by giving field teams access to the applications and information they need – while keeping head office up-to-date with the latest data as well. Able to connect anytime, anywhere, 3G/4G provides the perfect solution.

Cellular can also unify on-the-road communications, connecting other applications such as real-time asset tracking and fleet telematics.



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