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  • Mobile Support Block Image of a Search and Rescue Team

    Mobile Support

    Whether the need is to direct ambulances and mobility assistance vehicles, to provide information to travelling care workers or enabling mobile clinics to upload sensitive patient data, cellular device technologies are fast becoming the best way to ensure that essential resources and critical information are deployed and managed effectively at the lowest cost possible.
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    Home Monitoring

    From heart rate monitors to blood pressure cuffs, medical diagnostics equipment can be deployed into the patient’s home and monitored remotely by a medical practitioner, nurse or carer. The use of cellular devices to transmit this critical information enables faster care delivery and provides optimal patient experience by reducing wait times and streamlining patient care processes.
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    Connected Sites

    Digital signage applications using cellular technology is the fastest way to provide relevant and real-time information, content and marketing opportunities to a captive and targeted audience. A cardiac department may for example want to provide its patients in the waiting room, with information on how to improve their condition by providing tips and tools on how to improve their health, diet and exercise.
  • Clinical Trials Block Image of a Wireless Digital Hospital Chart

    Clinical Trials

    The use of cellular devices in clinical research and trials, allows for the rapid centralisation of real-time information from across multiple sites, ensuring that data is generated and collected according to protocol. This reduces the need for site monitors, allows problems to be detected and fixed quickly and enables development teams to run trials cheaper, faster, and more efficiently.


The global healthcare industry is experiencing fundamental transformation as it moves from a volume-based business to a value-based business. With increasing demands from consumers for enhanced healthcare quality and increased value, healthcare providers are under pressure to deliver better outcomes.

Facilitating the flow of information within and across healthcare organisations is becoming a quality differentiator among healthcare providers. Mobile device solutions improve the future of healthcare through networked technologies that transform how people connect, access information, and collaborate.

Mission-critical applications can count on secure, reliable wireless connectivity with rugged products designed to exceed healthcare industry requirements and proven in the field by emergency services and care givers.

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