Avanti Markets Installs Healthier Snack Kiosks With Failover



Avanti Markets wants its customers to have better choices from hundreds of healthier, fresher, and nutritious food options for the workplace, purchased through an easy-to-use, unstaffed, self-serve market. ReadyTouch provides the kiosk software that allows such transactions to take place instantaneously and seamlessly.

These self-serve micro-markets, located in a wide variety of workplaces (over 1,000 across the USA), must communicate a tremendous amount of information with central servers and credit card gateways, including product and nutrition information, pricing, commercials, discounts, and more. Kiosks must always be up to date and contain real-time sales information. Some locations even include 24/7 surveillance, to allow the market to be monitored and video to be cached.

Often, an office’s break room is not wired for Internet and office staff may be reluctant to run Ethernet cables into the room. ReadyTouch software depends on a reliable, secure Internet connection from wherever the Avanti Market is set up in the office.


After doing a good deal of research and considering options, ReadyTouch selected a robust network solution in the CradlePoint COR IBR600 and CradlePoint MBR1200 to support the markets’ operations. From an installation/deployment standpoint, ReadyTouch found CradlePoint solutions were ideal for their micro-markets.

“It’s a no-brainer really,” said Peter Bostwick, ReadyTouch’s COO. “You plug it in and it works immediately. We don’t have to worry about configuring it. If it were more complex, we’d be looking elsewhere.” Bostwick also noted that although many of Avanti Markets use a wired connection to the CradlePoint routers, the 3G/4G wireless option is imperative, not only for failover purposes but also for initial deployment, as a key time-to-market advantage.

“Sometimes there simply won’t be a wired connection in the room where the micro-market is being set up. With a CradlePoint router, we can still get a market up and running quickly via 3G or 4G wireless broadband and then we can work through the IT/wired issues later and switch over without swapping out hardware.”

Even if a wired connection is eventually planned for the market location, the immediate provision of wireless broadband means markets can be set up in an office in little time. Once the wired line is connected to the CradlePoint router, the 3G/4G connection can be used as a wireless back up (failover) to keep applications online. When the wired line is disrupted the failover feature switches to the mobile broadband connection in a matter of seconds preventing lost revenue and a poor customer experience.

Bostwick concludes, “We encourage all of the operators to include the CradlePoint solution into their Avanti Markets toolkit so they can deploy quickly.” He also adds that as they seek to leverage their software for a growing range of touch screen and kiosk applications in their pipeline, they will continue to look to CradlePoint solutions for easy-to-deploy, reliable connectivity.

* Case Study courtesy of CradlePoint

Digital Kiosk
CradlePoint Product MBR1200B
CradlePoint Product MBR1200B

Product - MBR1200B

CradlePoint Product MBR1200B
CradlePoint Product MBR1200B

Video - MBR1200B

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