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Industry Solutions

Whether it’s unique locations, business specific applications, M2M or complex networking systems, Westbase Technology supports it customers from concept through to delivery, providing data communication solutions for all types of businesses and organisations across Europe. Working with all sectors of industry and government, our expertise in machine-to-machine, device networking, wireless technologies and mass deployment allows for a unique consultative approach – the end result of which is an improvement in business performance across the board.

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  • Government

    Data communication devices assist in the collection and distribution of information, a key requirement for running effective government. With budget reductions now having to deliver greater benefits, authorities can work more effectively through a connected infrastructure.
  • Construction

    M2M in the construction industry can help to deliver more effective, on time and on budget projects, as well as ensuring connectivity through rapid deployment. Data communication devices can connect business applications to end users and monitor the security of assets.
  • Retail

    The retail industry is where data communication plays a key role in satisfying end users and customers. Digital signage for example can be used to interact with and inform consumers and wireless payment systems can ensure that business operations are seamless at all times.
  • Rural Broadband

    There are many initiatives to deliver better broadband for rural and remote areas. Data communication devices can support those working in rural and remote industries as well as connecting those communities who live and work in areas with poor fixed-line broadband.
  • Finance

    Security of data and failover are critical to the finance industry. Customer facing ATMs have to be effectively managed and monitored at all times, numerous sites and locations supported remotely and new wireless payment methods integrated into existing data systems.
  • Transport

    The development of telematics in the transport industry means that data communication can be used for security purposes, but it can also be used to deliver better business practices by monitoring fleet and freight movements. It can also support better network management.
  • Security

    The security industry is rapidly evolving by playing an increasing importance in other sectors. Data communication devices can help to remotely monitor the security of large estates or establishments, manage in-transit vehicles and staff and secure an organisation’s assets.
  • Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is experiencing significant growth in the development and use of critical data communication technologies. These can range from the co-ordination of clinical trials to monitoring patients at home and the delivery of mobile healthcare services.
  • Emergency Services

    Emergency services rely on fast response times, accurate information and supporting technologies such as facial and number plate recognition. By implementing an in-vehicle network across an emergency fleet, the delivery of each of these critical areas can be improved tenfold.
  • Energy

    The energy industry benefits hugely from the deployment and integration of networked data communication devices, ranging from mobile technologies for smart metering purposes to M2M devices used in harsh environments where remote management is essential.
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