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    Data Management

    Data is essential to ensuring that a business operates effectively, that may be retail and sales information, records and contact databases or building management information. Wireless connectivity solutions enable companies to leverage their data for strategic advantage and to drive higher levels of performance by ensuring the data is accurate, secure, and always available across multiple sites.
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    Business Applications

    Access to business resources and applications means that a business can continue to operate in all locations. For example wireless broadband enables an accountant or tax consultant to access previous tax filing information whilst at a client’s office, likewise a news correspondent will be able to upload an interview, photo or video from a remote site to their central news desk to meet their deadline.
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    Complete Solution

    Whether you work in a remote area or from temporary offices, 3G and 4G connectivity will enable you to create an instant and flexible local area network that supports reliable internet and voice connectivity wherever you are. This complete Communications Solution approach provides you with a safe and reliable failover in areas without ADSL, cable or fibre, it brings systems together and reduces costs.
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    Business Back-Up

    Business communication and connectivity needs are evolving. Whether the need is for secure, robust management systems, server back-up, resource and information sharing between multiple sites, always-on connectivity or failover back-up, the deployment of 3G and 4G connectivity ensures that communications critical to the strategic and tactical operation of businesses are always available.

Business Continuity

Many business services companies like legal firms, accountancy practices  media houses, graphic designers, photographers and many others that offer support services to their clients, are recognising that the key differentiator in service offering is the ability to access and share real-time information, wherever they may be.

Wireless 3G and 4G connectivity solutions address these needs and enable the rapid deployment, flexible placement and portability of these applications.

The security and reliability of internet connectivity in this sector, is driving down service costs, delivering real-time value to customers and is helping to deliver better business efficiencies and ensure reliable business continuity.

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  • The CradlePoint MC400 brings together enterprise reliability and unparalleled flexibility for today’s demanding applications, adding dual modem capability within a single router, the MC400 provides a high speed 4G/LTE ‘cut-the-wire’ solution... Read More

    CradlePoint MC400 Integrated 4G/LTE Modem

  • The CradlePoint COR IBR650 is a feature rich managed 4G router designed for M2M, perfect for critical business and enterprise applications requiring 24 x 7 connectivity, comes supplied with mounting bracket and external mobile broadband antennas ... Read More

    Cradlepoint COR IBR650 4G M2M Router

  • Vodafone MachineLink 3G is a custom designed wireless mobile router, delivered with Vodafone Managed Connectivity and pre-configured for Vodafone networks globally, its the perfect solution for deployment across multiple industry applications... Read More

    Vodafone MachineLink 3G Managed Connectivity Service

  • The CradlePoint AER 2100 intelligently manages converged wired and 4G wireless connectivity for a reliable 'connected experience' at the edge, combining routing, WAN Diversity, advanced security, private network support and high-performance WiFi... Read More

    CradlePoint AER 2100 Advanced Edge Router

  • The Sierra Wireless ES440 4G LTE Enterprise Gateway delivers mission-critical 4G LTE connectivity to support business continuity, the ES440 dramatically reduces the number of field visits to distributed enterprises and network operations... Read More

    Sierra Wireless ES440 4G LTE Enterprise Gateway

  • The CradlePoint ARC MBR1400 delivers managed broadband connectivity for branch and distributed locations, wired Ethernet and integrated 3G/4G wireless WAN creating a and secure business network, a powerful primary or backup internet connection... Read More

    CradlePoint ARC MBR1400 Integrated Mobile Broadband Router

  • The CradlePoint ARC CBA750B integrated mobile broadband adapter enables easy to install and managed wireless WAN connectivity in fixed business locations, providing primary 3G/4G wireless connectivity, failover and remote management... Read More

    CradlePoint ARC CBA750B Integrated Mobile Broadband Adapter

  • The IAdea XDS-1062 digital signboard delivers the best in dynamic visual content, incorporating power over ethernet (PoE), motion sensors and touch buttons the device delivers targeted and interactive communications for retail, leisure and business... Read More

    IAdea XDS-1062 10.1" Power over Ethernet Motion Sensor Digital Signboard

  • The IAdea XMP-2300 digital media player is a WiFi device combining the flexibility of HTML5 and SMIL, supported by multiple configuration options and remote management., compatible with most leading digital signage management solutions... Read More

    IAdea XMP-2300 WiFi HD Digital Media Player

  • The Goodmill w24 'always on’ mobile broadband router provides managed connectivity between the best available mobile broadband data networks, the reliable connectivity offered by the router means that business operations can run smoothly 24/7... Read More

    Goodmill w24 Multi-Channel 24/7 Business Router

  • The CradlePoint COR IBR600 is a feature rich managed 3G router with WiFi, designed and built for M2M, perfect for enterprise applications requiring 24 x 7 connectivity, supplied with mounting bracket and external broadband and WiFi antennas... Read More

    Cradlepoint COR IBR600 3G WiFi M2M Router

  • The CradlePoint MBR1200B mobile broadband router enables easy to install and managed wireless connectivity in distributed or remote office locations, ideal for small businesses, temporary command centres, home offices and mobile networks... Read More

    CradlePoint MBR1200B Small Business Mobile Broadband Router

  • The WiBE PRO connects multiple devices via WiFi and Ethernet to the internet, delivering mobile broadband connectivity for businesses and individuals, designed with outdoor installation in mind it features an IP65 enclosure for challenging conditions... Read More

    Deltenna WiBE PRO Outdoor 3G Router with WiFi

  • The WiBE HS21 connects multiple devices via WiFi and Ethernet to the internet, delivering mobile broadband connectivity for businesses and individuals, with speeds of up to 21 Mbps and an average of 8 Mbps even in the most remote or rural locations... Read More

    Deltenna WiBE HS21 3G Router with WiFi

  • The Sierra Wireless LS300 3G M2M Managed Gateway is the smallest, most compact 3G gateway from Sierra Wireless, with Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces, as well as digital I/O and GPS, making it a reliable solution for Industry and Enterprise... Read More

    Sierra Wireless LS300 3G M2M Gateway

  • The Sierra Wireless Raven XE provides a persistent and managed 3G gateway connection necessary in remote locations, embedded security features ensure that data is secure, a reliable M2M solution for critical applications and Broadband Connectivity... Read More

    Sierra Wireless Raven XE 3G Ethernet Gateway

  • The Sierra Wireless GX400 is an intelligent and managed multi-purpose 3G and WiFi Gateway delivering a high performance modular platform for fixed and mobile environments, ideal for M2M applications with its small rugged form and multiple interfaces... Read More

    Sierra Wireless GX400 Multi-Purpose 3G WiFi Gateway

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