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    Smart Metering

    Smart meters are transforming the way the world manages its water, gas and electricity resources, enabling remote two-way communication between the meter and central systems for accurate information about how and when resources are used. Smart meters record and relay data at regular intervals to help households and businesses understand and control their resource usage.
  • Sub Metering

    Sub metering is used in larger building complexes to accurately apportion each individual occupier an accurate record of their individual bill for utilities like electricity, gas or water. This enables monitoring of consumption for both the occupier and the utility provider, assuring occupiers that they are only paying for their usage and delivering key information and figures to the utility provider.
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    Building Management

    Companies are managing their properties and facilities in order to reduce their energy use, reduce costs and lower carbon emissions. Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) are employing cellular technologies to enable remote management of multiple sites. Applications include metering but can include technologies that enable the re-direction of energy based on specific demand.
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    The impact of environmental changes can have a real effect on the bottom line for any company. Whether it is the monitoring and measurement of water volumes or acidity levels, humidity levels, gas, dust or pollutant emissions, cellular technologies can be deployed in multiple situations to offer real time analysis and exception alerts even in the remotest of locations and environments.


To improve energy efficiency and costs, utilities are turning to intelligent monitoring and metering technology to help lower operating costs and to meet carbon reduction commitments. Energy Monitoring companies are using Cellular technologies to change their business models to provide remote management of multiple sites. Cellular technology is ideal for retrofitting into existing buildings as it is wire free, and ideal for older or listed buildings, it also offers a totally separate reliable networking solution away from connecting directly to an organisations network.

In addition, with IT departments becoming increasingly protective about who or what connects to their network, 3G router technology provides the answer with a totally separate, reliable networking solution that can be remotely managed, upgraded and configured over the air, simplifying and reducing costs of maintenance in the field.

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