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Last week saw the launch of the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 across North America. The latest member of the PlayStation family went on sale last Friday in the US and Canada. According to Sony, the console has already sold more than a million units on its first day of release, making it Sony’s fastest-selling gaming hardware yet.

Due to be released across Europe and Latin America on November 29, Sony will no doubt hope that the PS4’s flying start will continue, especially in the well-timed lead up to the festive season. In fact Sony has said that it expects to shift five million PS4 consoles by April. Westbase Technology is all about connectivity, PS4 technology drives connectivity and is looking to connect with our lives wherever possible, you just have to look at the PlayStaion App and second screen experience for proof of that shift.

The next generation successor to the ever popular PlayStation 3, the PS4 has been heralded by many as a ‘refresh’ moment for the Sony console family. A more angled design than its curved predecessor along with greater hardware ensures that it will stand out from previous iterations. Drawing a line in the sand on the games front, Sony have also bravely chosen that no PS3 games will work with this new console, a requirement of the greater hardware offered. The design and technology will no doubt continue to change over the coming years as it did with previous console family members, but its longevity and greatness has been secured for a while longer at least. Lets take a step back and look at the tech that made it all possible – ‘A Technology Timeline of the PlayStation’.

PlayStation Infographic - Westbase Technology

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Looking back at the history of undoubtedly one of the greatest consoles ever, the drive for innovation can easily be traced to its origins. First launched in 1993 the PlayStation redefined the gaming experience. The adoption of the CD format as opposed to the more common cartridge created far more opportunities than were likely realised at the time, opening up the console to become one of the first ‘home entertainment’ devices that are now so common. Selling more than 100m units over its lifetime, its form and function now seem so distanced from the PS4.

The PlayStation 2, was a radical step from Sony in 2000 but heralded the start of the New Millennium. Out went the flat horizontal white design with its top loading mechanism, in came the now so recognisable black design more suited to the home environment. Future models were refined down to a slimline version, but it was the advent of online and portable gaming with the PSP that defined the PS2, so much so that it became the fastest console to sell 100m units.

Learning from its earlier incarnations, the PlayStation 3 launched in 2005 and had evolved alongside the latest technology. Blu-ray and motion sensing became integral to the PS3, cementing its place in living room spaces globally, with over 75m units sold by 2013. The launch of the PlayStation Store online saw the console shift dramatically and simultaneously across the realms of gaming, movies, music and online.

With the ‘this is for the players’ marketing campaign in full swing prior to the European launch later this month, the PS4 has some mighty shoulders to stand on when reaching for that gaming crown. As Sony is quick to point out the console ‘opens the door to an incredible journey through immersive new gaming worlds and a deeply connected gaming community’, with 10 times the power of the PS3, a new DualShock controller, PlayStation App and second screen experience it’s not just about gamers though. It’s a true household device for everyone to embrace for gaming movies, TV, music and online connectivity. The way we connect is changing, Sony knows this and the PS4 is the next step in their realisation of a fully connected multi-platform experience.

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