Our Products

  • Cradlepoint

    Westbase is Cradlepoint’s exclusive EMEA master distributor. Cradlepoint is a leading provider of 3G / 4G networking solutions for failover, primary connectivity, machine-to-machine and Internet of Things, and in-vehicle applications. Read more >>
  • Sierra Wireless

    Westbase is the leading Sierra Wireless distributor in the EMEA region. Sierra Wireless is a leading provider of 3G / 4G gateways and modems designed for failover and primary connectivity, location-based services, and remote monitoring. Read more >>
  • Vodafone

    Westbase partner with Vodafone to deliver their M2M solution to the market. Their Global M2M Platform makes it easy for distributed enterprises to centrally manage their machine-to-machine deployments with greater control and lowered costs. Read more >>
  • Perle

    Westbase is one of Perle’s leading EMEA distributors. Perle is a premier provider of reliable, full-featured and competitively priced serial, I/O, Ethernet and fibre connectivity solutions. Their products are suitable for all sectors, including industrial applications. Read more >>
  • Moxa

    Moxa provides quality products for industrial networking systems on a global scale, specially designed to connect industrial and commercial devices over media such as cellular networks and Ethernet. Read more >>
  • IAdea

    IAdea’s digital signage products complement the Westbase wireless networking portfolio by fully enabling digital signage applications. Providing media players and screens, IAdea’s digital signage hardware is market-leading. Read more >>
  • Goodmill

    Goodmill is a global leader in broadband connectivity designed specifically for public safety and security, as well as public transportation, applications. Read more >>
  • Digi

    Digi provides industrial-grade, feature-rich networking products designed to connect the mission-critical Internet of Things. Read more >>