Cradlepoint COR IBR600 4G WiFi M2M Router

The CradlePoint COR IBR600 is an affordable and feature rich managed 4G router with WiFi, designed and built for M2M networks, perfect for critical business and enterprise applications requiring 24 x 7 connectivity. Its compact size, sleek metal case, mounting bracket and external mobile broadband and WiFi antennas make it ideal for high-availability industry applications including Retail, Finance, Security, Transport and Construction. CradlePoint COR IBR600 features include:

Persistent 4G Network Connectivity

External WiFi and Modem Broadband Antennas

Secure IPSec VPN and Remote Management

Compact and Rugged for Easy Integration

Ideal for use in ATMs, Kiosks, Surveillance and Vehicles


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The CradlePoint COR IBR600 is an intelligent managed 4G WiFi Ethernet Gateway with powerful connectivity for enterprise applications.

With its compact size and sleek metal case the CradlePoint COR IBR600 provides 4G mobile broadband primary connectivity for a multitude of high-availability portable or fixed M2M applications including Retail, Finance, Security, Transport, Construction and other applications where connectivity is essential.

The CradlePoint COR IBR600’s small form factor provides a flexible, reliable, and secure solution within high-bandwidth applications. As businesses move to cloud computing and increase dependence on remote applications, reliable connectivity becomes mission-critical. The embedded wireless modem can be used as failover for when a traditional wired connection is disrupted, or as primary connection when a wired line may not be available.

The CradlePoint COR IBR600 provides VPN endpoint functionality, VLAN support, multiple remote management methods, modem data usage management and alerts, GPIO support, USB-to-serial console passthrough support for out-of-band management of connected devices, and the ability to be part of a PCI-DSS compliant solution.

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