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Virtual Private Networking

As enterprises become more distributed, yet databases and applications become more centralised, the need to interconnect business sites is more important than ever before.

Organisations today are embracing flexible and home working, as well as setting up new business sites which are more geographically dispersed. In addition to this, they are also centralising their databases and systems to run from a NOC or head office. These two factors combined increase the need for a reliable and secure method of providing employees with access to the corporate network from nearly any location – for which virtual private networking (VPN) is an efficient and economical option.


Providing secure access to information and resources.

Virtual private networking enables organisations to connect multiple sites, regardless of distance, using the public Internet as a medium for communications. The VPN essentially creates a private tunnel through which employees can access and update centrally held data, which protects the connection so that it is secure from unauthorised access. VPN can connect headquarters, subsidiaries, branches, sites and other remote workplaces for both small, medium and large enterprises; providing fast, seamless communications.

Connecting home offices

Flexible working is a standard expectation for many employees and businesses alike, so not only do remote sites require connectivity but home workers also need to be able to connect securely. Delivering seamless integration into the corporate network, a VPN allows home workers to work with all the convenience and same information as if they were based in the company office. It can even be used, in combination with VoIP, by employees to receive and make phone calls on their usual extension number.

Connecting mobile users

As well as home workers, field teams who are constantly on the move also require access to central systems and data. Many other employees also have to travel for work, even if they are not permanently based in the field. By using a VPN Client, organisations can securely network their mobile users as easily as their sites; all that is required is an Internet connection.

Some mobile users will have ready-access to public Internet connectivity options, such as WiFi hotspots, but even for those who do not – in cases where they’re constantly on the road – there are many hardware options which can provide in-vehicle connectivity over 4G LTE mobile networks.


Wide Area Networking for supply chains.

As well as connecting distributed sites and remote employees, a virtual private network can also be used to connect production facilities, logistics centres, suppliers and customers. By seamlessly integrating these different supply chain “units”, businesses can streamline their efforts and improve the efficiency of their communications.


Secure transaction processes.

Retail and banking organisations can also use a VPN to process transactions to their NOC or headquarters, for more efficient payment handling which is also compliant and secure.

Other organisations who process secure data transactions can also leverage a VPN network to manage this cost efficiently and securely. By utilising Common Criteria standard VPN hardware and software, data security can be guaranteed to the highest standards – offering full protection against threats from the Internet. CC certified networks protect against interception, manipulation, and sabotage of data and services; it is therefore particularly effective for public sector, financial and other critical infrastructure industries.



network connectivityThe Importance of Virtual Private Networks


Efficiently and economically connect multiple sites, home and mobile workers

Protect communications so that they are completely secure from unauthorised access

Network headquarters, subsidiaries, branches, sites and home-office workplaces

Provide real-time access to vital information and centrally managed systems in any location

Seamlessly integrate production, logistics, suppliers and customers




wired networking for businessesThe Added Benefits of a Network Connectivity VPN Solution


Securely connect up to 1000 branch locations to the headquarters or NOC

Economical, secure solutions combining Internet access, firewall and VPN

Dynamic bandwidth management gives priority to important applications

1-Click-VPN for secure site-to-site connectivity by drag & drop

Devices and settings can be configured remotely




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