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Wireless LAN / WiFi

Organisations today require more flexible connectivity than wired options alone can deliver, and wireless LAN has become a must across many industries. As well as being more versatile, a WiFi solution also offers greater mobility and convenience for workers.

Businesses today are employing a wider range of technologies which require wireless connectivity, and are also under consumer pressure to deliver guest WiFi in almost any scenario. A wireless LAN solution can be quickly installed without any major alterations to the environment, and provide an answer to these connectivity demands.


Increasing flexible working and team mobility.

Many businesses today require their team to work flexibly, with employees using tablet and mobile devices as commonly as desktop computing solutions. In line with this, teams need to be more mobile in the workplace while still ensuring that they can remain connected. A corporate WiFi solution is the perfect way to achieve this, enabling employees to connect their devices from any on-site location.

Streamlining services

Many occupations which have traditionally used manual paperwork have today switched to a wireless solution – from waiters taking orders electronically to repair service men updating their work logs, and so on. By enabling these processes to be completed over a wireless LAN network, businesses can streamline their workflows and deliver a faster service to customers.

Location independent working

In many industries and occupations, employees may be constantly on the move in order to complete their work, yet still need to be able to access and update central systems as they go. Using mobile devices connected over a wireless LAN network means that they can achieve this easily and securely.


Connecting customers.

Most people today expect to be able to connect to a WiFi network wherever they go; be they a guest in a hotel or restaurant, a browsing shopper in a retail store, or a corporate guest attending a meeting in a conference suite or at company offices. Delivering a powerful guest WiFi hotspot, which can be run separately to the corporate network, is therefore in high demand by all kinds of businesses.

Providing guest WiFi enables businesses to deliver a valuable service which enhances consumer experience, and could even provide additional revenue streams if operated on a paid-for basis. An enterprise WLAN solution provides this with ease, offering flexible login options from simple voucher-based codes to self-registration. Companies can also access new marketing opportunities by creating customised login pages, or even generate revenue by selling space on these pages for advertising.

High density WiFi

Some locations can expect a high number of users in a very small space, for example concert venues or stadiums. High density WiFi enables these locations to still deliver a reliable and secure service to their guests, as well as run a corporate wireless network for mobile processes such as Point of Sale or electronic order taking.


Outdoor wireless networking.

As well as indoor WiFi capabilities, wireless LAN solutions can be used to deliver outdoor WiFi:

Holiday resorts; ski, camping and so on

Many ski resorts and camping grounds today look to offer WiFi connectivity for guests, but also need wireless connectivity to connect applications such as video surveillance or to enable simple data transfers for administrative processes. A wireless LAN solution can enable point-to-point networking to connect different sites, as well as establish WiFi hotspots for corporate and guest use.

Connected machinery

Outdoor machinery, such as agricultural machinery, is being increasingly controlled remotely using wireless communications in order to reduce costs and increase output. In addition to this, companies also want to be able to retrieve essential monitoring data from remote machinery to report on its health and environment, so that pre-emptive maintenance can be carried out. A wireless LAN solution can deliver the connectivity needed to achieve this.


Future WiFi services.

Many businesses installing wireless LAN systems today, also need to think about their future requirements. For example, location-based services using WiFi will enable retailers to monitor in-store customer behaviour to improve business intelligence, as well as optimise their sales-floor.



Wireless LANThe Importance of Wireless LAN / WIFI


Deliver business transformation by enabling wireless technologies

Improve productivity by increasing flexible working capabilities

Offer value-added services to guests and customers

Enable new revenue streams by leveraging WiFi hotspots for advertising or charged-for services

Better understand customer behaviour and increase customer engagement




WiFi HotspotThe Added Benefits of a Wireless LAN Solution


Advanced security separates corporate from guest traffic

Highly flexible options to suit indoor, outdoor and industrial requirements

Powerful, reliable WiFi hotspots and networking capabilities

Easily scaled; increase coverage as required

No extended lead times as it works with your existing wired infrastructure

Extended features for simplified hotspot logins etc.



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